Step inside my mind

My name’s Karrah Smith

I’m 18 a Soph. in College. I live in the city of homes and the birth place of basketball. My mind is all over but always remains in one place, my heart. I always know the best choice to make but it’s never the decision with less pain ;/ I’m really religious but I am completely tolerant of others, everyone should be free to their own opinions and civil liberties. I am saving myself for marriage. It’s a decision I thought a long time about. It’s not for everyone and I dont push it on people. I respect and love everyone, however I may not always be fond of them. So believe in you and me and together we’ll give birth to peace. one love; one heart. muahhh :*

Further down are a few of my day to day thoughts and random facts

Random Fact: I love the sound/smell of rain completely calms my nerves

I’m severely engulfed in anything frank sinatra

Trueblood, Mad Men, Dexter, The Walking Dead, How to Make It In America, Entourage, Friends, Martin, Bad Girls Club, and In Living Color are my Guilty pleasures

I like chocolate…a lot

Adults should have recess

I’m paranoid when it comes to spiders, I automatically assume theyre going to kill me

I don’t sleep as much as I should

Say the right thing and I’ll love you, actually prove it and I’m in love

I enjoy brushing my teeth, It’s the official start of my day and end to my night

I should be doing my Criminal Justice Homework

I cant bring myself to love a significant other, I just say it back.

Correction, I have love for them just not IN love with them

CORRECTION: Someone came along and changed my feelings towards love. I’m not just saying it back anymore… 

I’m angry like 63% of my day but I just dont say anything.

More like 25% now, I’m much happier :)

Fuck essays

I dont like swearing but I really like the word fuck, fuckkk

I’ve really stopped swearing but today has been pissy

I really have stopped

There’s days when I can be a real jerk but if I’m acting like a butthead say “hey, you’re being a real butthead Karrah!”  

In love with Mr. Stokes <3

DPTS has my muthafuckin heart

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I'm Karrah. 072693 I'm utterly obsessed with Jimi Hendrix. Purity Ringin' it 'til my future husband swaps it for a Diamond.