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Faded: My sight is blurred and hazy; I’m alive, right? You must think I’m disturbed or crazy; Getting back what we had just isn’t worth the fight; But this wine has officially gotten me tipsy, like the glass I was drinking from I’m completely empty.

The Journey: This feeling overtakes me and I yearn for what I cant have. The fear of rejection has power over the addiction that drives me. It pulls me in but pushes me away, over and over, taste after taste. My fear begins to subside; Everything I know is telling me to be smart but I’m too young to care so I dive deeper and deeper. Just when I think I couldnt fall further, I’m forced into the unknown…

Love: Its a fiery blue flame. It’s a liquid that’s inching closer and closer to my soul and as the intricate, vast caverns of my chest fill to the brim it pulls me under until I’m helples. As time lingers on the heaviness of infatuation leaves and the choice to continue life with this substance, holding my heart captive remains. Yes the chains have loosened but should I adjust or take them off altogether and stand up? Is this Stolkholm’s Syndrome, am I your prisoner? or am I still in love? Is there a difference?

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I'm Karrah. 072693 I'm utterly obsessed with Jimi Hendrix. Purity Ringin' it 'til my future husband swaps it for a Diamond.